Bullhandy Skylights Installations: Enhance your Property Appeal in Bullhead City, AZ

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Enhance Your Home’s Natural Lighting with Bullhandy Skylights.

Skylights: The Natural Lighting Solution by Bullhandy

A professional and reliable roofing company, committed to perfection. Enhance your home’s natural lighting in Bullhead City, AZ. Want to brighten up a dark room or add value to your home, Bullhandy will give you the boon

Skylights Installation for Flat Roof

Flat roofs can often lack natural light, making rooms feel dark and closed off. Skylights allow natural light to flood into your home, brightening up your living space and creating a more open and inviting atmosphere.


Skylights Installation for Pitched Roof

Bullhandy offers superior skylight installation services for pitched roofs, designed to beautify the natural light in your home. Our technicians have years of experience installing skylights of all shapes and sizes, and ensure lasting beauty and durability. 

Skylights Installation or Metal Roof

Are you tired of dark, dimly lit rooms in your home? Consider installing skylights on your metal roof to bring natural light, improving your mood and getting energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our skylight installation services for metal roofs.


Skylights Installation for Asphalt Shingle Roof

Are you looking to brighten up your home and add a touch of elegance to your asphalt shingle roof? Bullhandy is here to help with our skylight installation services. With years of experience in installing skylight for asphalt shingle roofs.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

Can you replace skylights without replacing a roof?

The ideal time to replace old skylights is during a roof replacement, as it saves you time and money, and allows you to align the warranties. However, if you're not replacing the roof, you can still upgrade your skylights.

Can you replace a skylights yourself?

Fixing skylight issues like cracked glass panes, condensation, discoloration, or age-related problems is complex and should not be attempted as DIY project. These issues are also signs that your skylight needs attention.

What is a common problem with skylights?

Skylights leak, especially if they are improperly installed or maintained. Condensation, discoloration, and aging can impact performance and energy efficiency. 

How do you cover up old skylights?

Skylight shades and blinds serve both practical and decorative purposes by covering skylights while enhancing interior design. Honeycomb or cellular options are effective in providing insulation by creating air pockets between their layers.

Should skylights be cleaned?

Yes, skylights should be cleaned regularly by a roofing expert or homeowner, as dirt and debris can accumulate on the glass and obstruct sunlight.

How do I stop my skylights from condensing?

To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, use internal exhaust fans often to remove hot, moist air. Keep window blinds and shades open to promote warm air circulation around your windows.